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PARRRRTAYYYYNow get back to work (now with pikchurs)

In our last adventure, I was showing pics of drums and stuff and talking about a big, company blowout after a big software release. It happened, and it was on a Thursday night rather than Friday. My guess is that the … Continue reading

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Another “Why I ain’t bloggin” post

But at least I usually include pictures, ja? First, there is work, and by work, I mean “9-hour days plus weekends” work. And that includes AFTER our big software release, which happened over a solid 40 hours last weekend.

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The Year So Far

I evicted my housemate. No, not with a blunt object, but a cup and my balcony. For days she was just sitting there in the tub with Larry, no doubt doing unseemly things, and NOT eating a single cockroach. And … Continue reading

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