Seattle: It’s a Magical Place, part 2

Saturday and Sunday fun at Seattle’s Comic Con (2015), at my other blog here.

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Seattle: It’s a Magical Place

My True-Life Adventures were moved to a different blog, so if you have any interest at all in What I Did At Seattle’s Comic Con (2015), feel free to hop on over here.

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Just an Old-Fashioned Plug Post

…One I’m sure I wrote for you and me.


Just a quickie to link to one of my story blogs. It’s crossover fanfiction of all those Pauper Prince stories I’ve got stashed away on another blog, plus Girl Genius. Could it be any more niche-y?

Vol 4, Chapter 13:

Yes, Volume 4, Chapter 13! I’m not good at telling short stories.

If you’ve never read any of it before, here’s Vol 1, Chapter 1:

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30. Hm. Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The good and bad side of social media:

  • Good: It makes it easier to find people you’ve lost contact with.
  • Bad: It makes it easier for people you’ve lost contact with to find you.

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PARRRRTAYYYYNow get back to work (now with pikchurs)

In our last adventure, I was showing pics of drums and stuff and talking about a big, company blowout after a big software release. It happened, and it was on a Thursday night rather than Friday. My guess is that the venue (golf/country club) wasn’t available then because of the short notice.

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Another “Why I ain’t bloggin” post

But at least I usually include pictures, ja?

First, there is work, and by work, I mean “9-hour days plus weekends” work. And that includes AFTER our big software release, which happened over a solid 40 hours last weekend.

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What a Relief it is.

I was trying to beat a deadline for something artsy-fartsy, and Work has consisted of a lot of Overtime (incl. weekends) these days.

Fortunately I beat the artsy deadline by a month, and now have no excuse but to write! I mean, when I’m done and have something to post.

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