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But she still won’t split the bills

I have a housemate that bothers to show her face when it’s convenient for her. We don’t talk. We have totally separate lives. She thinks she has a job, but clearly not, or she’d be helping with finances. Today I … Continue reading

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Joy to the {{mumblemumble}}

It’s not “this season” so much as… all the time, that I’m prompted to try to get a grasp on the concept of Joyfulness.

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An Explanation of Sorts

I know, things like hiatuses and “Hey, everybody, I’m back!” posts are frowned upon and advised against by the “How To Blog Good ‘n’ Shit” community, but I never promised to be a good blogger. Just A blogger.

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Not that I’m some power blogger here, but…

I do try to read and “like” and comment – or whatever – on other people’s posts. But for the next couple of weeks, I’m laying off social media type sites that have been keeping me from things that keep … Continue reading

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More Interludes: Love and other Fairy Tales

I really wish that I had another “Pauper Prince” chapter ready, but I don’t. {{sigh}} Someday. This post is a copy of one that is currently¬†marked Private, but had been public when first written. It got no views, likes, comments, … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts Until I Finally Write Another Chapter

I try to avoid the navel gazes, preferring to stick to the fictional stuff for this blog, but if I go TOO long without, my double-digit followers might forget me, and then I’ll lose my powers, like some… being that … Continue reading

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Current Rinse Cycle: Soaking

I see that I haven’t posted anything since May, and have replied to others’ posts very sporadically. Lots of super-quick “likes,” though. If it’s of any concern, it’s because I go through cycles due to juggling too many hobbies. And … Continue reading

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