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Another chapter plug!

I know, I haven’t navel-gazed in a while. If it helps, I’ve been doing the fiction stuff instead. BEHOLD! A link to the latest chapter of the Pauper Princess Fanction Theatre, which is currently mashing together my Pauper Princess character with the … Continue reading

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I lied: the other excuse for not writing…

…Is for writing on the other blog. Vol 4, Chapter 10 of my mangling of the Girl Genius mythos. But it’s fanfiction, so your mileage may vary! And probably requires reading whatever came before it, cuz it’s, like, this totally … Continue reading

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I have a fanfic blog, too

As in, stories about other people’s copyrighted material. I call it The Pauper Princess Fanfiction Theatre Presents. If you’re reading the “Pauper Prince” chapters, you’d be rather familiar with the characters in the other stories, even if other people’s … Continue reading

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