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Another “Why I ain’t bloggin” post

But at least I usually include pictures, ja? First, there is work, and by work, I mean “9-hour days plus weekends” work. And that includes AFTER our big software release, which happened over a solid 40 hours last weekend. Advertisements

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The other thing that kept me from writing

These guys. Somebody found my old art website and convinced me (using money, curse it!) to make plush Jay and Silent Bob figures again. The project has reminded me why I gave up making plushies, which is that I don’t enjoy the … Continue reading

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The Art Stuff’s done, now no excuse for no Writing

…Until the next project springs up, anyway. And I’ll be starting from scratch for all the writing, so again, it will be a while. Also, somebody contacted me out of the blue to make more of these guys, and I guesstimated … Continue reading

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This is really for my Art blog…

But this is what I’ve been working on all this time. They’ll be finished soon, and I’ll switch back to writing. Then switch back to art. Then back to writing. Now look at your post. Now back to mine, now … Continue reading

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I have an art blog, too I don’t have many pages there yet, but like this site, I’m using it to mirror my main – but now rather out-of-date – art site, No obligation to look, just an FYI. Party on, and be excellent to … Continue reading

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