About HHP

Huh! I’d reworked the blog a bit, then forgot to rework this, too.

Herdthinner’s Happy Place is the hub of the Herdthinner pantheon. I’ve somehow ended up with four blogs so far. Well, they’re all supposed to be for different purposes, so why not?

This one used to be for my fictional stories, True-Life Adventures, and navel-gazing. Now the stories/Adventures are in their own blog, leaving just the navel-gazing. There shouldn’t be anything regularly scheduled here now.

Feel free to look at the “Other Scribblings” page for the rest.

A lot of people have a life summary on this page, so here’s mine:

  • Female, middle-aged, forever single, no kids, nerdy, hatched in the USA (Western Division)
  • Artist and Writer who has to work another job to pay the bills.
  • I grew up on the ocean front and hate long walks on the beach. If I have to walk on the beach, I am fully clothed when I do so.
  • All about the “A”s: Asexual, Aromantic, Apolitical. The last one may be a fib. In some areas I’m quite liberal, in others quite conservative, and the rest: centrist. So… you tell me what I am??
  • I do not write poetry, at all, unless you count parody song lyrics. I don’t, but you’re welcome to.



10 Responses to About HHP

  1. bdh63 says:

    Are you very tall, too?

  2. herdthinner says:

    Not at all. Just over 5′

  3. Thanks for the attention! Any feedback for my little piece of fancy is greatly appreciated 🙂

  4. Chris Donner says:

    And thanks for leaving comments on my About page. I don’t know how to get people to leave comments, either. It’s still a mystery to me. Also, about the alpaca farming… yep, so true, all of it. Where we live in Oregon there are quite a few alpaca farms around here (or are they ranches???) and we have a big “Flock and Fiber” thing at the fairgrounds every autumn.

    • herdthinner says:

      Ah, yes, ranches is more accurate. I once wrote a post alluding to the fact that I don’t get comments on my posts. It got two Likes and zero Comments.

      But then, most of my posts are for my neverending, mushy-romance, fantasy saga mentioned above. If anyone is still reading it, maybe they’re too exhausted to comment??

  5. Ps not a fan of the poetry blogs in general (great poetry is not as easy as a lot of people seem to think it is) but don’t mind haikus as well! 🙂

  6. Gene'O says:

    So, I looked at your gravatar because I liked a lot of your comments on Not A Punk Rocker, and I had to check out the happy place first. The way you are using Blogspot and WordPress is really interesting. I’ve been thinking about a presence over there, but haven’t figured out yet how to set it up.

    Anyway. I just felt the need to leave you an About page comment, so here it is. You’ve made First Contact with Planet Gene’O

    • herdthinner says:

      Many thanks for making a curmudgeon smile! And nice planet ya got there.

      And this reminds me that I need to redo the About page, considering that I split off the Mara stories onto another blog, freeing this for more navel-gazing. Which I have not done. Trouble is, my after-work projects all cry incessantly for attention. AND I suddenly have a commissioned thing to make and have to remind myself that Money Making Things must take priority!

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