Random Thoughts and Legos

First, I will call them “Legos,” not “LEGO bricks” or “LEGO sets.”

Okay, “LEGO sets” is doable. That all-caps name is distracting, though. It’s not like I’m  screaming the word, after all.

OR AM I?!?!?


I could write all sorts of things, but mostly it would be about my current bout of Depression, now joined by its BFF, Anxiety!, wheeee. Experiencing the latter is not my custom. Usually I just find myself unable to enjoy things, without the additional thrill of thinking that THE WORLD IS GONNA END RIGHT NOW AHHHHHHH.

Tch. I’ve sludged through chronic depression for so long, even I get bored talking about it, never mind thinking about it. So, here are some Lego pics:

Owen’s Buddies

From the LEGO (AHHHHHH!!) Jurassic World game. Getting all four of these fine ladies in play at once was a bit tricky.

lego dinos

The Walking Dead Theory

Yes, this is a set based on Somebody’s Apartment from The Big Bang Theory. I don’t watch the show, but the set has many cool pieces. I wonder if the actual characters would notice their apartment being overrun by zombies?


I’ve posted this before, but it deserves a repeat.



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5 Responses to Random Thoughts and Legos

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Four days until I can order the Big Bang Theory set. I don’t even watch the show, but the number of minifigs and the set details are worth it.

    Now, I really do need some zombies…

    • herdthinner says:

      At the moment I’ve got some orcs fighting with Beorn (that werebear guy from The Hobbit). The laugh track in the living room is too loud for them to hear the battle.

      One thing that really puzzles me is that the set comes with a whole lotta orange “kitchenware” pieces. I mean a whole set of cookware: dishes, frying pans, a beater, a spatula, …

      That would make sense if the BBT set included a kitchen, but it doesn’t. I’m not complaining, because that’s awfully generous of them there. It’s simply a puzzler.

  2. Jack Flacco says:

    I love LEGO. I grew up with the toy and the hours I’d spent building things with it was astronomical. I had once build a massive tower before I knew how cool building a tower with LEGO actually was. Nowadays, I spend the time playing LEGO games on my computer. Bring on Jurassic World!

    • herdthinner says:

      Jurassic World has soooo much to love. There are some beefs: you can’t select the flying dinos except in their special areas. And raptors can’t drive any vehicles. The latter would be ridiculous fun, but what better kind is there?

      My jaw drops every time the brachiosaurus is summoned. It’s just so BIG.

      Some of the bugs are hilarious. LOTR just plain locked up too often (not fun / hilarious), but JW has things like dinos running into “null space” (ie, buildings that didn’t get a chance to transition to their proper environment). Another time, a Triceratops that was supposed to start running a race just… decided to float away into the sky instead.

  3. Hi Thinner! Hey, so my blog at Sartorially Smart Heroines was recently nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award on WordPress. As thanks for your past support, I passed your blog along as a nomination as well. Thanks and take care! https://heroineimages.wordpress.com/2015/09/26/one-lovely-blog-award/

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