Another “Why I ain’t bloggin” post

But at least I usually include pictures, ja?

First, there is work, and by work, I mean “9-hour days plus weekends” work. And that includes AFTER our big software release, which happened over a solid 40 hours last weekend.

And then what happens after things go live is that customers find the errors that nobody could find under test conditions. Things just… happen out in the wild. People press buttons ‘n’ shit.

Here’s another thing.


This acoustic set is, surprisingly enough, also my work’s fault, of a sort. Our CTO (look it up) is a maniac who blows rock ‘n’ roll in his office when not on a conference call…

Scratch that. Sometimes while on those, too. He found out that some of us in the office play instruments, and now he’s got mad dreams of us being rock stars. I bought the acoustic set (mostly used, some new) because THIS-


-wouldn’t work for the big, rockin’ blowout that the CTO wants to do to celebrate the big ol’ software release that kept everyone from going home at decent hours and having weekends. Now, I did bring in this li’l set for one of the company lunches, and some other folks brought their guitars and keyboards and cowbells, and we did a bit of jamming. Unfortunately we had an audience, but they were cool with the lack of polish. For the big blowout, in spite of no rehearsal at all, we’ll still be that night’s entertainment, plus some execs flying down who are actual gigging musicians. If we stick to the playlist, we’ll be doing about 25 songs, some of which I don’t yet know. The Van Halen songs frighten me. It’s not just Eddie going nuts on his guitar; Alex goes medieval on his drums, too. Thank God we’re not doing “Hot for Teacher!”

For no reason, I’ll end this post with pictures of a turtle that I sculpted a few years ago for my mother during one of my visits. I didn’t have my sculpting tools with me, so it’s a bit crude. The other turtle on the right, I did not sculpt.

0716111753 0716111754 0716111755 0716111755a


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2 Responses to Another “Why I ain’t bloggin” post

  1. Alex Van Halen’s horribly out of sync dancing during the choruses in the video for “Hot For Teacher” (where the band’s all wearing pink suits) was pointed out in an episode of Pop Up Video once, and I’ve always noticed it ever since. At least you will not have to dance…. I’m assuming.

    • herdthinner says:

      I thought it odd that their drummer had the least rhythm, but we must always expect the unexpected!

      A lot of jazz drummers like Buddy Rich were also dancers. It’s why their footwork is/was so insane.

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