What a Relief it is.

I was trying to beat a deadline for something artsy-fartsy, and Work has consisted of a lot of Overtime (incl. weekends) these days.

Fortunately I beat the artsy deadline by a month, and now have no excuse but to write! I mean, when I’m done and have something to post.

I read a webcomic called Girl Genius. This was the big, dramatic climax of Volume 12.

The plot of it all aside, I really dug this image.


I bought an 11×17 print of it from the folks who make the webcomic.

Then I was compelled to attempt a bas relief of it. Here’s the result. It has a wood base, and the rest is Apoxie Sculpt and paint.

Click if you agree that thumbnails are merely a means to a larger vision.

If you like to see in-progress stuff, have at it!

DSCN1795 DSCN1801 DSCN1833 DSCN1851 IMG 0170 IMG 0180 DSCN1942 DSCN1943

The last two pics were taken at the same stage, but with and without a flash. The “real life” coloring is somewhere in between.


About herdthinner

Writer and artist who pays the bills with another job
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2 Responses to What a Relief it is.

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    What is it about work this time of year? Glad to see you back around when you can 🙂

    • herdthinner says:

      I try to comment on other people’s things. I can do that stuff quickly.

      Work’s had a lot of OT to wrap up a big project that was supposed to launch in December. Then January, and now the end of Feb. Too much to do in too little time. Many, many of what I called Zombie Bids. We’d finish them off, then learn that somebody changed their mind about something, and so the Bids rose from the dead to menace us once again.

      Alternate: “Boomerangs.”

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