The other thing that kept me from writing

These guys. Somebody found my old art website and convinced me (using money, curse it!) to make plush Jay and Silent Bob figures again. The project has reminded me why I gave up making plushies, which is that I don’t enjoy the process at all. So, even if you think they came out okay, I enjoy sculpting and writing, not… this.

God bless those seamstresses and seamsters that can make a living at this stuff!

?????????? ?????????? IMG_0129 IMG_0131

My last Pauper Princess Storytime Theatre update was November (I think), and the last Pauper Prince chapter was in MAY. That is not prolific writing!!!

But for now… Lego Batman 3. I’m not at 100% yet, dagnabbit!

I don’t care if “seamster” isn’t a word. It should be!


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Writer and artist who pays the bills with another job
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4 Responses to The other thing that kept me from writing

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    These are awesome!

    Lego Batman is my priority today. 😀

  2. herdthinner says:

    Thank you!

    Batman has become irritating now. I’ve finished all the basics and am hunting down the rest of the characters, vehicles, and gold bricks. I have all the “finder” options turned on, but some of them I just cannot figure out AT ALL. Example, I’ve visited the Hall of Justice a dozen times, and have one single brick left to find there, but there isn’t a clue what I’m supposed to DO. Same scenario with the Batcave and a bunch of the Lantern planets. The things we do for Fun!

  3. Things that keep us from writing…I wonder if people procrastinated as much before computer games…I played so much Minecraft once I really hurt my arm and couldn’t write for a week. A week of saying “you dickhead” to myself over and over. So that’s procrastination and self-injury…isn’t there a walk-through somewhere for Lego Bat man. Or does that just ruin it?

    • herdthinner says:

      Computer stuff has just been added to my excuses pile, which included reading comics and artsy-craftsy projects (how much time do you have??), not to mention that 1991 – 2011 was a very dry period for writing. Then I finally thought of another “Mara Story,” as I call them, and away I went.

      Trouble is, the other hobbies and interests didn’t fade. That meant, yet another thing to challenge my time management. I am currently in a losing battle.

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