The Year So Far


I evicted my housemate. No, not with a blunt object, but a cup and my balcony. For days she was just sitting there in the tub with Larry, no doubt doing unseemly things, and NOT eating a single cockroach. And I’m hoping that it’s only a single cockroach that terrorizes me every few weeks. Dem bitches is fast, I’m telling you. And then you trap them, bring them outside, lift up the cup, and…

Yeah, still inside the house. Somehow. {{sigh}}

If wondering why I’m not smashing my housemates, I’m like the Batman of Bugs, and have a no-kill rule for anything that would make a disgusting mess if smushed. And so I trap and release.

But all bets are off if you’re an ant or could sting me. Then I END you.



Somebody hired me to (re)make plushies of Jay and Silent Bob, currently seen in media res. This project is only serving to remind me why I stopped making plushies. I AM NOT ENJOYING THIS PROJECT.



Where I was for NYE. A musician friend hosted a party full of musicians, and the evening was spent doing musician-y things.


An artsy photo depicting where I spent most of the evening. Remember: what do you call someone who hangs out with a band?
A drummer.


The party’s host is at left. At right is Old Man 2014.



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2 Responses to The Year So Far

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    What a fun looking NYE gathering!

    Yeah, the messy squish is definitely a factor in catch and release. With the one M found a few months ago, I was surprised how many people were saying they would have just stomped it.

    Gross thought ahead…

    I would be afraid it would be like stepping on a tube of toothpaste 😦

    • herdthinner says:

      Same here. I think we’ve both seen too many movies that show just that kind of consequence!

      About a year ago a wasp managed to get inside. I had wasp spray – you know, that stuff with a 30-foot or more reach – and didn’t care that it was inside. I SPRAYED THE S*** OUT OF IT! You can’t stomp a wasp; it just makes them angry.

      Ants go by way of 409. It’s a cleaner and an insecticide!

      NYE: My fragile ego got sad whenever the other drummer present was asked to accompany people’s songs, which was, ehhh, about half the time. I finally had to do a chest slap and a “Yo! I’m here, too!” And these were people who’d been to the other parties, when I’d played all night.

      You can have 20 guitarists playing and sound great, but it’s tough to combine drumming, unless you’re playing the same groove.

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