I’ll spare y’all the 2014 Stats report

I mean, it bores even me, and I’m my biggest fan!

But I will take the time to thank everyone who’s read, commented, thought about reading and/or commenting, or even thought about peeking, then getting distracted and forgetting where their glasses were after walking into a room and also forgetting why they’re there.

Oh, and the report got some stuff wrong. Example, the only reason I had “51 views” one day is because I was trying to show my sister around the site one night. Many clicks occurred, but no actual reading.

I haven’t had the opportunity this year to be prolific. I have higher hopes for 2015, once I’ve got yet more art projects out of the way. And one of them isn’t even one that I want to do! In fact, I must shower, then get back to the project before I’ve inevitably stayed up too late.

Oh, for-! My glasses were on top of my head! Honestly, I need to glue those things on mumblemumble

To 2015!


About herdthinner

Writer and artist who pays the bills with another job
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One Response to I’ll spare y’all the 2014 Stats report

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Here’s to 2015! 🙂

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