Storytime Theatre is open, yayyyy

If you’re mucking about with that Pauper Prince stuff, it’s going be updated >> here << from now on. How often it’s updated, aye, there’s the rub. I regret that I still haven’t put up a new one. And I need to finish that story, period!

I don’t have a banner image there yet because I haven’t found a public domain picture of a distant castle on a meadow. I’d take my own picture, but there’s a terrible dearth of both castles and meadows where I live.

No navel-gazing allowed there – for me. Y’all can be as philosophical as y’all like in your replies. But I’ll have to leave the old chapters here for a bit until people settle in there. Then I’ll mark them as private. Ooooo, dramatic!


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3 Responses to Storytime Theatre is open, yayyyy

  1. I have pictures of castles in distant meadows…I took them on visits to the Loire valley so they aren’t fortified castles and the meadows are often very neat formal gardens but I could put them somewhere for you to look at if you’d like one. No strings attached – if no-one uses them they just sit in my hard drive, taking up space. One of the castles is Usse where Perrault first wrote down the Sleeping Beauty..beautiful castle but all forest, no meadows…

    • herdthinner says:

      You honor me with your offer!

      I’d love to see the pics. Many thanks!

      • Well…they may not be what you want, in which case reject them by all means. I won’t take it to heart and become bitter and see the world as suddenly a darker place and go out and hurt people and… seriously, they’re Holiday Snaps and they’re on Dropbox here:
        I started putting names to them, then got bored…I’ve named all of them at least once, so you should be able to work it out if you want to use one. They are gorgeous chateaux but were used as summer and hunting residences so never really fortified (except for some things like the incredibly deep moat at Breze) – mostly places to keep wine…:-)

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