Road Work in Progress – Watch for Detours

Work has begun on separating this blog from the stories. As of this writing Herdthinner’s Storytime Theatre is hidden. Also, some savage already took “storytimetheatre.wordpress,” but instead of tracking that person down and getting tough wit’ ’em, I added “mara” to mine. So… it shall be.

I mean, when it’s not hidden.

I’ll leave this blog’s title as is, I guess. It’s an attempt to reach my Happy Place, so I’ll stick with being all symbolic and stuff. Egad, I’m so deep!

Hey, does it annoy you when you put a link in your own posts to other entries, and then WP flashes that comment icon and makes you think you have a comment from another person, but it’s really your own link as a “comment?” It annoys me, too.


About herdthinner

Writer and artist who pays the bills with another job
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One Response to Road Work in Progress – Watch for Detours

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    YES! I know I am putting the comment there, but hey, maybe I really don’t approve of it WP! Thank you for helping!


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