More Interludes: Love and other Fairy Tales

I really wish that I had another “Pauper Prince” chapter ready, but I don’t. {{sigh}} Someday.

This post is a copy of one that is currently marked Private, but had been public when first written. It got no views, likes, comments, whatever, but I’ll see if it just needs a new coat of Pledge furniture cleaner and polish for another try.

I’ve often wondered whether I’m even a good Friend, never mind a good Companion. By the latter, I don’t mean someone who gets swept into Doctor Who’s adventures, but a romantic partner. Sorry. You were hoping this would be something about how wonderful that show is, weren’t you? Weren’t you?? Well, I wouldn’t know. I’ve never watched it. I only have inklings of it based on the constant memes that my Who-lovin’ friends post on Facebook.

Oh, and I almost never put images in my posts, so here’s one in an attempt to make it seem interesting. This is one of the Doctor’s Companions, right?

weeping angel

Those same Who-lovin’ friends alternate their memes with ones about True Friendship. You know the ones I’m talkin’ about, Willis. I’ve said about a lifelong friend that we can pick up where we left off like it ain’t no thang, and that’s as sentimental as I’ll get about True Friendship. Same goes for Love.

In spite of the extraordinary sap that’s in the “Pauper Prince” story, in real life I’m not at all romantic. I’m 47 as of this writing and never been kissed. That was snuck into my Neverland page above. Not sure how many caught it. I genuinely haven’t a clue how I could go about being in a kissy situation. I mean, as a positive experience that I’d want to repeat. Not just… being kissed.

If some handsome man (assuming that I even realize that he’s handsome) came by in a limousine, bearing flowers, candy, and wine, I’d be much more likely to think, “Oh, crap! Does he want to take me somewhere where I have to dress up??” I don’t own any dresses or even skirts. No exaggeration. I also don’t drink, so I’d be annoyed about the wine.


Go away, Richard Gere! Freak.

Then he HAD to go and do this. I honestly can’t tell which picture is from “Pretty Woman.”


True story: millennia ago, when I was in college, a man asked me if I’d like to have coffee sometime, and I replied, “I don’t drink coffee.” And as God is my witness, that would still be the first response that would come to mind. I’m not saying I would respond that way, but I’d be struggling to come up with an alternative.

Why write such mushy romantic stories, then? Ya got me, and I’m introspective almost to the point of imploding. I used to brag that there’s nothing a person could tell me about myself that I don’t already know. And yet, I don’t know where the mushiness comes from.

My guess is that I have an interest/desire in being “normal” and having “normal” emotions, so I explore that with my literary stand-in, Mara, and have her experience things that I never will.

This post was supposed to be two, maybe three paragraphs, tops. Hm.

But if you got to here without skipping the first two or three paragraphs, many thanks for reading! This “Pauper Prince” nonsense will be wrapped up. Someday. In how many chapters, well, I don’t know that yet. I thought it would end 15 chapters ago. Clearly I have no talent for predicting my own stories.


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14 Responses to More Interludes: Love and other Fairy Tales

  1. I think we all have much more interesting inner personalities that don’t come out in the real world, but seep out in our creative endeavors… especially in the virtual world. Hell, a lot of my comics deal with situations I’ve never been in myself… including the most recent one with the guy asking a girl out on a date. Nope, never been there, never done that, and doubt I ever could. What am I gonna write about, my real world that would bore people to tears? Ha!

    • herdthinner says:

      Even so, my story consists of one, long fantasy for me, and my fantasy is apparently to have a nice, pleasant, quiet life with a loving family and friends. As a fairy tale princess. Well, all right, then! This is NOT something that I thought about in childhood. Back then I fantasized about being in the X-Men. Disney Princesses were invisible to me.

      No zombie apocalypse fantasies for me, thanks. Why do people long for that kind of world?? WHYYYYYYY?? A friend speculates that it’s an effect of living in an increasingly uncertain, scary world, fomenting a desire to be able to lash out at a clearly-defined enemy without societal or legal repercussions for it. Sounds legit. I still don’t want to live in a zombie apocalypse.

      • I have never understood the fascination with zombies. Aren’t there enough walking dead people in real life who want to devour my brain?

        • herdthinner says:

          I also don’t get the people who fantasize about living in the “Game of Thrones” world.

          Have they… SEEN what people do to each other in it? Or are they really planning a “Red Wedding” theme for their real-life nuptials?

  2. spasqualli says:

    It’s amazinga! but I think we are of a like mind.Thank you for sharing I always thought I was weird.

    • herdthinner says:

      Weird is good.

      I have responses! I guess pictures help after all? 😀

      But I couldn’t insert any in the Pauper Prince chapters. Mara exists only in my head, not as some public domain image of a painting, or someone cosplaying as a Princess. So far, I’ve found no image and no person that looks like what I have in my mind.

      • spasqualli says:

        With my female characters I always envision my best friend.My stories play out in my head and I simply write what I observe.Describe your characters features in detail for me and I will help you find her.

        • herdthinner says:

          I’ve done plenty of Googling to no avail, but I’m game. She is:
          6′ 1″ (or more)
          early-mid 20s
          slender, not thin
          narrow face, rounded chin
          green eyes (as in emerald)
          long, full, honey-blond hair
          pretty, but not beautiful/gorgeous
          no ear jewelry
          very warm smile and eyes

          Yes, I guess I fell into a “pretty blonde Swede” kind of look for her, but I couldn’t help myself. She doesn’t have an exotic look, but the Prince doesn’t mind. 😉

        • spasqualli says:

          I posted the link please take a look and tell me if you find her

        • spasqualli says:

          Have you tried tumble

        • spasqualli says:

          follow the link I have posted and let me know my names Shervon.It’s a pleasure to meet you,good luck.

        • herdthinner says:

          I don’t see a link?

          Scratch that. Saw your page. Many thanks!

          I’ve yet to find her in real life, but if I had to pick a drawn version, it would be Eilonwy from “The Black Cauldron.” Just the face and hair; the rest would need to be Mara-fied. But thanks for leading me that far!

  3. jessie says:

    I read that and it was great just maybe someday that one will come up and swift you off your feet. I believe that all things happens for a reason. I think that if the 1 I was with just knew how much I loved her and would just learn respect and knew all we need is each other we could have made it through anything and still can if only she knew sorry and I love you could get her a I do.

    • herdthinner says:

      The mythical “he” who would sweep me off my feet has about six feet of emotional concrete to get through, and it’s loaded with a bunch of alarm systems. If the Mythical He managed to get through all that, chances are that he’d find that I’m not worth it.

      I don’t say that as a consequence of poor self-esteem; I’m just not interested in “sharing my world” with someone. Giving up my time and so on. A family joke about me is that God has to be preventing me from winning the lottery, because He knows that I would hole myself up in a four-bedroom house somewhere and never emerge! Meanwhile, I have to work for a living, which forces me to interact with humans.

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