Random Thoughts Until I Finally Write Another Chapter

I try to avoid the navel gazes, preferring to stick to the fictional stuff for this blog, but if I go TOO long without, my double-digit followers might forget me, and then I’ll lose my powers, like some… being that relies on popularity for its strength.

Wait, that doesn’t work. That’s how celebrities live, and I ain’t none.

Ya didn’t know I had any powers, did ya? Well, one of mine is to stop a George Takei Facebook thread in its tracks. He posts something, and thousands like, share, and respond. When I respond, no matter how soon after he posted, all comments stop dead. Not even extra “likes” or replies to mine. George has no choice but to move on, and post yet another mega-popular meme. I fear this power as much as you should.

The Thoughts:

–Sometimes I tweet. Usually I post links to my story chapters, or more recently, remembered that we can post pictures there, so I started sharing my artsy stuff. As is typical for me, rather than post hilarious things on my own, I reply to other people’s tweets. If they “favorite” it, I assume that they thought it was hilarious, and my ice-cold heart warms, just a little.

–I was reminded recently that there’s a site called Deviantart. And remembered that I have an art blog here, with pictures of artsy things that I’ve made. And that Deviantart is a very popular place to post pictures of YOU SEE WHERE I’M GOING HERE. Let’s just say that I’ve been busy this week.

–Speaking of busy, work has gone into crunch mode to release some thing that local execs promised even higher execs. That means wicked long days and weekends. And sometimes I’m there late, waiting for Person X to finish Task B so I can do my thing, and learn that s/he went home for the day. Teamwork!

–For some reason I promised somebody that I would try to draw a fan art pic of a favorite Girl Genius character, and I can’t draw for shit anymore. Sculpting, yes yes yes, but Pencil to Paper is no longer an effective means for me to express myself creatively. The things I get myself into.

–And promised to read the same person’s very long fanfics. Poetic justice on me, for my stories are even longer and require even more patience / strong constitution. In my defense, I do break my stuff into chapters. It’s a weak defense, but it’s all I’ve got!

–Back to Deviantart, if you start to go spelunking… Well, there’s a reason it starts with “Deviant.”

–On Facebook I have my political views as “Indifferent,” but the truthiness is that I do have some leanings. It takes a helluva lot for me to “unfriend” anyone there – I almost wrote a post about the one and only – but some are on the edge, but don’t know it. It’s because I doesn’t engages what I doesn’t agrees with, ya see.

Here’s your hint about my leanings: I don’t get this “War on Christmas / the flag / guns / God Bless America should be everywhere / Let’s Take Back ‘Murica!” kind of thinking, at all. I know everyone I’ve friended, but until that fateful click, didn’t know I’d be subjected to some sharing every single “HA! The people in this store say ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘God Bless America!’ HA! In your face, liberals! Suck it!” meme.

Oh. You got me right in the gut. Oh. It hurts so much. I’m so offended that I’m in pain. Oh.

And of course, the foaming-at-the-mouth, dilophosaurus-spitting hatred of the President. I question Obama’s work, but also questioned Bush’s, Clinton’s, Reagan’s, … well, now we’re in my childhood, and what does a kid know about that? But good God. The foaming. The frothing. The rage. It’s like Lincoln in his own time. Look it up. He was haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated. (No implication of comparing any modern Pres with Lincoln. It’s just some more truthiness.)

–That’s all I’ve got for now. Stay tuned for another mellow adventure of … The Pauper Prince! Someday.


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2 Responses to Random Thoughts Until I Finally Write Another Chapter

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I love how people think those things “offend” me. They need to look up the meaning of that word. (yeah, I lean so far left it’s probably not funny except when I walk) Jingoistic/xenophobic talk drives me crazy too, probably why I unfriended pretty much everyone I went to school with.

    • herdthinner says:

      My problem is that I’m too chickenshit to even reply with a “Meh” or a virtual eyeroll. You have intimate knowledge of how even the most minor of “Well, actually…” comments can go, so I needn’t elaborate. I just don’t want to bother, because in most cases, the rants are opinions only, not facts. I’m just not a fighter.

      There are extreme liberals in my feed, too, and some of their stuff gets a raised eyebrow. But at least they don’t post “Ha! Let’s see how many {{people with different views}} this offends!! Let’s make this go viral!!” memes.

      Because that’s how memes go viral; you ask them to be. @@ <–virtual eyeroll

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