Me ol’ Facebook feed (a summary)

For no particular reason, and in no particular order, I felt like summing up my Facebook wall by category / theme / genre / what-have-you. It’s not meant to make fun of anyone, except at the end, where I make fun of my own posts. If anyone from my FB happens to stumble upon this, and thinks that I’m singling them out, trust me: I’m not! There are more posters in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosphy.

  1. George Takei
  2. Sharing George Takei
  3. Cats
  4. Dogs
  5. Animals are better than people
  6. Eat this food!
  7. Work out!
  8. Deep thoughts (alas, not the Jack Handey kind)
  9. “I am STRONG!” “I am an INDIVIDUAL!” “I am (like X) and you just have to DEAL with it!”
  10. “Share” if you love Jesus… and if you don’t, you are ashamed of Him!
  11. “People are stupid and should go away”
  12. Proselytizing for…! TV shows
  13. Bitter “vagueposts”
  14. Bring back Firefly
  15. Please be outraged about …
  16. Liberals suck!
  17. Obama sucks!
  18. Conservatives suck!
  19. The Government sucks
  20. Other countries’ Governments don’t suck
  21. Soldiers are awesome
  22. My kids/grandkids are awesome
  23. My spouse/s.o. is awesome
  25. Kids should recite the Pledge of Allegiance
  26. Kids should pray in school
  27. is for losers
  28. Mental health progress
  29. Physical health progress
  30. Bored at the office
  31. Annoyed at the office
  32. “What kind of X are you?”
  33. Facebook really wants me to like their suggested pages
  34. Facebook really wants my phone number
  35. Humblebrags
  36. Upworthy
  37. Humor
  38. Uncategorizable

My turn!
My wall is closed to other people’s posts, so what’s there, apart from replies, is entirely my own fault:

  1. Blatant begging to read my stories
  2. Whatever my hobby of the year is
  3. Pictures of things that I make
  4. Attempts to complain about work/church without it being obvious that I’m complaining about work/church
  5. First World Problems
  6. not a lot of “Sharing” (in every sense)
  7. Two-word movie reviews
  8. Self-deprecation

About herdthinner

Writer and artist who pays the bills with another job
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