Navel-Gazing: the Beliefs Post

I’ve been wanting to post something like this for an unfathomably long time, but am stopped each time by virtue of being chicken-shit, i.e. a vulgar way of calling myself a coward.

If you use sites like Facebook, you’ve GOT to have at least one friend that constantly shares and posts things you don’t agree with at all. Because I’m non-confrontational to the point of making George McFly (the wussy version, before Marty goes, er, Back to the Future) look like a thug, I don’t reply with counterpoints. I just let them post Whatever with impunity.

So here goes. Please be gentle. By the way, some of these overlap with my “Neverland” page.

  1. I do not believe that bringing the Pledge of Allegiance back to schools will somehow make Kids These Days more patriotic or respectful or whatever. I attended school during that time, and reciting it was just a bunch of words that I’d memorized. It didn’t make me proud of America, or whatever benevolent effects those folks think the Pledge had.
  2. Ditto for praying in (public) school, though I’ve read that praying is not expressly outlawed. I believe that people should calm the f down if a kid prays during whatever free time Kids These Days have in school. But…
  3. I don’t believe there’s some kind of “War on Christians” going on in the U.S. Too many people are equating exposure to other people’s beliefs with some kind of attack on their own.
  4. Marry if you wanna, gay people. Whatever gets you better tax rates and insurance. Oh, and Love, I guess. (Sorry, I’m not very romantic).
  5. Climate change. Yeah, we’re fucked. As in NOW.
  6. I believe that I have a face for radio.
  7. Not a fan of tattoos. Do what you like for yourself, but I’ll never be convinced to get one.
  8. Same for piercings. That includes the traditional locations for women.
  9. I read somewhere that the original members of the NRA were very much in favor of strict gun regulation. Not “taking them away,” but regulation. If this is true, I like the original members of the NRA.
  10. I believe that people should knock off the “Share if you love Jesus” memes, because they always – ALWAYS – include a blurb about “being ashamed” of him if you don’t share it. Really? Really?
  11. I don’t believe it’s really that important who plays Batman or Wonder Woman or Wolverine or Gambit or Squirrel Girl in the movies or TV. If I don’t want to see it, I won’t watch it.
  12. As a followup, No, {{creative person making different choices than you would}} did not RAPE your childhood. Stop using that word so cavalierly.
  13. Steve, I’m with ya. I, too, believe that women’s breasts should not be referred to as Boobs, Jugs, Winnebagos, or Golden Bozos, but as Hooters. Though Mr. Martin left out my personal favorite, Gazongas. I used that exact term to describe mine to the reconstructive surgeon who removed eight pounds from them, because oh, yes: they were Gazongas.
  14. I believe that people should use sites like before sharing their panic attack-inducing hoaxes.
  15. Mmmmm…. I’d never try it myself, but maybe marijuana should be treated like cigarettes instead of banned.
  16. Pro-choice and pro-adoption.

Your turn to ask me what I think about X, Y, or Z? I will answer if I’m not too scared.


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