Judgment Day at the Grocery Store

So… am I supposed to insert pictures at the top of my posts? A lot of people do, and I feel like I’m breaking WP etiquette here by being so plain text most of the time.

Moving on:

I enter the food that I eat into a weight-loss website that counts my calories. I’ve made absolutely no weight-loss progress for over a year now, but I continue this exercise. Pun intended. The website also hosts a forums section, because one does when one is a weight-loss site.

Some of the topics are repeated ad nauseum by others who haven’t skimmed the archives well enough. Examples,

“What counts as water?”
“Do YOU ‘eat back’ your exercise calories?”
(Usually women): “Do I haaaaaaaafta lift weights? I don’t want muscles!”
“Now that I’m all healthy and shit, I judge other people’s shopping carts! Don’t you?”

Hypocrites is as hypocrites does, but the people who start topics like that last one have more support from responders than I think should be allowed. Instead of every response being some variation of “WTF??” there are a lot of “OMG I TOTALLY DO THAT NOW, TOOOOOO! THEY’RE SO FAT AND THEY’RE BUYING JUNK FOOD AND NO PRODUCE THEY’RE SO GROOOOOOSSS! SINNERS! SINNERRRRRS!!!

As God is my witness, more than one has confessed to actually SAYING something to people whose shopping choices they disapprove of. Missing from those confessions is what the response was. One hopes it was all imaginary. For myself, before seeing those message board topics, it didn’t occur to me that anyone would have any interest in other people’s carts.

I admit that it galls me when former sinners become proselytizers without irony. Using myself as an example, my grocery cart will typically have NO produce at all. It will always have three 6-packs of Diet Pepsi and no water, because I finally live in an area where the tap water doesn’t taste like diluted ear wax. I grew up in a city where it did. And miscellaneous other items, including but not limited to “junk food” (ice cream, M&Ms, Goldfish crackers. You lay off my Diet Pepsi, y’hear?).

The reason my cart has no produce is that I buy all of that at a direct produce store. You can’t help but look healthy there. At the grocery store, if some former-fatty-now-fat-shamer glanced inside, they’d think I don’t give a shit about my health.

I’m not a confrontational person by any stretch, but I can’t help but wonder if anyone would ever “confront” me about my shopping choices, and how I’d react. Probably in my usual way of turning away and actively ignoring the person rather than ultimate zingers. I don’t have much talent for pwning a-holes.

Disclaimer: There was no point to this post other than the mild rumination above.


Ah, disclaimers go in the front, don’t they? {{sigh}}

PS: as far as I’m concerned, if it’s potable, it counts as water.


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