Liebster Award? Dahling, you shouldn’t have!


This honor came from Steamworld. Thank you, kind sir!

The 11 Questions I must answer to accept the award:

1.  Who is your biggest influence?

My problem is that they don’t “stick.” Ten years ago it was Kevin Smith. Others have been folks like Tim Burton, Chris Claremont, and Joss Whedon. Lately it’s been Studio Foglio, aka the Girl Genius folks. Which is odd because my interest in Phil’s work kind of boomeranged back after many years of indifference.

2.  Just HOW hard could Batman kick superman’s ass?

You’re asking a SUPERMAN fan that question? For shame!

3.  Favorite musical?

Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street

4.  Ever done any acting?  Stage or screen.

Lots of radio, but not professionally.

5.  Favorite comfort food?

I call it Cheesy Noodle Casserole. “Ground meat” substitute, cream cheese, tomato sauce, sour cream, wide egg noodles, topped with cheddar cheese and then baked.

6.  Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars wins by a nose based on the mental energy I’ve expended on it, whether it be playing with the toys, making costumes or thinking up -but not writing – fanfic. Star Trek only slightly less so.

7.  Favorite Television Show?

The one that I quote the most often in conversation is Saturday Night Live. That probably makes it the most influential, though. In which case I wish I could point to a #1 favorite.

8.  Favorite Book?  Or book series if too difficult.

A Christmas Carol

9.  If you could choose one, what superpower would you have?

Perfect mimicry of any sound of a person, animal, you name it.

10.  Which season do you prefer the most?

Now that I no longer live in a cold climate, Autumn

11.  Coffee or tea?

Diet Pepsi


11 Questions for my nominees. Oh, bother. Um…. Hm…

  1. Favorite musician or group?
  2. Your go-to source for world and local news?
  3. If you won the lottery – let’s say $12 million after taxes- other than assembling a crack team of financial advisors, attorneys and accountants, what would you do with the money?
  4. Comic book or Graphic novel?
  5. Nerd or Geek?
  6. Would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
  7. Last nightmare you can remember. Or maybe just the most vivid one.
  8. Favorite toy and/or toy company. Don’t think it has to be from childhood. >:-D
  9. Train, plane or automobile? Or boat?
  10. What epiphany lead you to decide, “Well, dash it all, I’m going to give this interweb journaling nonsense a sporting try and see what comes of it?”
  11. How would you save the world?

Lastly, I nominate the following for a Liebster.


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2 Responses to Liebster Award? Dahling, you shouldn’t have!

  1. herdthinner says:

    For the record, I would NOT survive a zombie apocalypse.

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